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Given the importance of Holy Cross Cemetery to many generations of Irish families, the Charitable Irish Society of Halifax, with the support of Saint Mary’s University, initiated the research and recording of names and inscriptions on all gravestones within the Cemetery. The information collected will serve as a record of Irish history in Halifax and support the genealogical research of Irish families buried at Holy Cross.

rest_breakIn the course of this work, it was discovered that Holy Cross was in a significant state of disrepair. In particular, over the years, many headstones had deteriorated and toppled. Weathering and vandalism have also had a devastating effect. Six years of work later, the massive conservation effort has put things back in order. This year, in 2013, we have continued to meet every Saturday morning, and will finish off the first pass at all of the stones. In subsequent years, the intent is that we would meet just once a month, to maintain the existing stones and improve work on large curbing projects.

Now that the conservation work is in hand, attention has turned once again back to the genealogical research. The burial records have been digitized and there is an active program to thicken the records with other datasets. This is the task of our “Database Volunteers “, and we can use all the help we can get.

Please join us in the conservation work either as a volunteer labourer in the cemetery vineyard, or as a database volunteer. Both are needed in this important and necessary effort to honour those who went before us, and preserve an important historic place. If you can help at all, please contact us by email or Canada Post:

Holy Cross Historical Trust
P.O. Box 8684
Halifax, N.S. B3K 5M4

Worker Support

The links here below lead to support materials for the workers, and require a password for access:

Database Volunteer Corps: Database Support.
Interpretation Team: Interpretation Support.
SSHRC Research Team: SSHRC Research Support.
Historical Trust Board: Board Support.

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