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Professor, Sociology
tel: (902) 867-4434

Dan has taught at St. Francis Xavier for most of his academic career. A specialist on the Antigonish Movement, he regularly teaches a full-year course on its origins, history, and outcomes. The Movement was, of course, one moment in the development of Scottish culture in eastern Nova Scotia, albeit one which had significant regional and international influence. Reminding us perhaps of Ray Smith’s much later book title, Cape Breton is the Thought-Control Centre of Canada. Dan is Past President of the Antigonish Highland Society.

Relevant Publications

  • MacInnes, Daniel William. (2013). “The Legacy of Highland ‘Heather’ Priests in Eastern Canada.” Working Paper. Antigonish: St. Francis Xavier University.
  • MacInnes, Daniel William. (2005). “On the Descendants of Mogue Doyle.” Working Paper. Antigonish: St. Francis Xavier University.
  • MacInnes, Daniel William and Anthony Davis. (1998). “Ties that Bind and Define: Exploring Custom and Culture in Nova Scotian 19th Century Coastal Communities.” In Transgressing Boundaries: Critical Perspectives on Gender, Household and Culture, S. Ilcan and L. Philips (eds.), pp. 149-168. Westport: Greenwood Press.
  • MacInnes, Daniel William and Anthony Davis. (1996). “Representational Management or the Management of Representation: The Place of Fishers in Atlantic Canadian Fisheries Management.” In Fisheries Resource Utilization and Policy: Theme II, Proceedings of the World Fisheries Congress., R. M. Meyer (ed.), pp. 317-333. New Delhi: Oxford & IBH Publishing Company.
  • MacInnes, Daniel William, John Edwards and Winston Jackson. (1993). “Gaelic Language Attitudes in Nova Scotia: Findings from a Biased Sample.” InProceedings of FASG-NAG II: Second Conference on Research and Studies on the Maintenance of Gaelic. Hatfield: University of Hertfordshire.
  • MacInnes, Daniel William. (1991). “Economic Strategies or Vested Interests: Lining up with Vested Interests.” In Social Research and Pulic Policy Formation in the Fisheries, Norwegian Canadian Cases, D. MacInnes, S. Jentoft, and A. Davis (eds.). Halifax: Institute for Ocean Studies, Dalhousie University.

Research Project

Dan MacInnes and Paul Armstrong are working on a research project on “Irenic Identities”. The research proposal and working documents can be found on a joint research page.

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