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Research Director
Holy Cross Historical Trust
tel: 902-691-2133

Ludlow completed his PhD at Queen’s University Belfast in 2010, studying under the famine historian, Peter Gray. After completing a number of research contracts for the Holy Cross Historical Trust, he assumed the role of Research Director in 2012. He organized the SSHRC Partnership Development submission, and subsequently took up the position as Research Co-ordinator of the SSHRC project.

His post-graduate research has focused on religion, ethnicity, and social movements in Atlantic Canada. His M.A. thesis (a biography of Archbishop James Morrison of Antigonish) offered a revisionist account of the Antigonish Movement, and challenged the dominant victim analysis that surrounds the popular priest and reformer, Fr James J. Tompkins. The manuscript is on contract at McGill-Queen’s University Press. His PhD thesis entitled “More than Codmen: The Newfoundland-Irish in industrial Cape Breton, 1890-1919,” examined the importance of migration and nationalism in the north Atlantic world years after primary migration from Ireland had ceased. Ludlow has published articles in Sport History ReviewAcadiensisThe Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies and CCHA Historical Studies.

Select Publications

  • Ludlow, Peter. (2013). “Saints and Sinners: Popular Myth and the Study of the Personalities of the Antigonish Movement.” Acadiensis: Vol. XLII, No. 1, 99-126.
  • Ludlow, Peter. (2010). “Searching for the Past, Writing for the Present: Charles Ryle Fay and Newfoundland’s Contest Past.” Acadiensis: Vol. 39, No. 2, 89-108.
  • Ludlow, Peter. (2009). “A ‘Primitive Germ of Discord’ in the North Atlantic World: Newfoundland-Irish Roman Catholics in Scottish Cape Breton.” Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies: Vol. 3, No. 1, 175-192.
  • Ludlow, Peter. (2006). “Fostering Social Awakening: Archbishop James Morrison and the Antigonish Movement.” CCHA Historical Studies: Vol. 72, 29-53.
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