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PhD Candidate (ABD), Sociology
tel: (902) 455-2510

Paul is the Secretary and a Trustee of Holy Cross Historical Trust, and has an appointment as the Partner Liaison for the Trust to the SSHRC research team. He is working on research concerning the reception of early Catholic social teaching in Halifax. This teaching emerges out of a particular political theorization of sovereignty and subsidiarity and the conceptualization of alternative forms of social economy.

This research constitutes a building block for Paul’s larger research programme on the development of the social sciences in the Maritimes. While that development happens during the interwar period, the intellectual foundations that were its requisite were put in place during the middle and late nineteenth century. One of the forms that social science took in the interwar period was built upon the Catholic teaching that was first brought together and given expression by Leo XIII.

Prior to his doctoral work, Paul worked in economic development in Nova Scotia and Ontario. He has considerable experience with non-profits, and currently serves on the Audit Committee of iNova Credit Union.

Relevant Papers

Research Project

Dan MacInnes and Paul Armstrong are working on a research project on “Irenic Identities”. The research proposal and working documents can be found on a joint research page.

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