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Saint Mary's University

Saint Mary’s University

In the fall of 2012, a partnership was initiated between the Holy Cross Historical Trust, Saint Mary’s University, and the Canadian Catholic Historical Association to seek funding from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) in the form of a ‘partnership development grant’. This application was successful, and the funds are now facilitating a major in-depth study of our community.

The physical restoration of Holy Cross Cemetery has garnered the attention of the academic community. Scholars from various disciplines recognize the potential of the Holy Cross Cemetery initiative. Academics from Dalhousie, Saint Mary’s, Carleton, and St. Francis Xavier Universities have now joined the partnership under the overall direction of Dr. Mark McGowan of the University of Toronto. A former principal of St. Michael’s College, McGowan is an eminent scholar of Catholic and Irish history. He has many publications, including The Waning of the Green.

Queen's University Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast

Happily, there has been a tremendous response from historians in Ireland and Scotland as well. One of our collaborators, Jonathan Wright, comes from Queen’s University in Belfast. Colin Barr, recently awarded a senior lectureship in Irish Studies at the University of Aberdeen, and Karly Kehoe of Glasgow Caledonia have joined us as well. These international scholars are joining local and national scholars in a large long-term research effort which will support the interpretative themes and landscape development designed to tell the Story of the Holy Cross Community.

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