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Chair, Music Education Department
College of Music, Mahidol University
Holy Cross Research Fellow

Peter FieldingPeter G. Fielding is an educator and music theorist. He has published with the journal of the Kodaly Society of Canada (Alle Breve), Canadian Music Educator, Canadian Folk Music, and Mahidol University Music Journal. He has previously taught at the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music, the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the University of Miami (Frost School of Music), the University of Missouri-Columbia, and with the Music Branch of the Canadian Armed Forces. His formal honors include graduating valedictorian for his education convocation, graduating summa cum laude at the University of Miami, being inducted into the US music honor society Pi Kappa Lambda, beta chapter, and receiving the Canadian Forces Decoration medal (C.D.) for long-term military service.

Peter has a Masters of Music in Trombone, and a Doctorate in Music Theory. He teaches in Music Theory and Aural Skills, Research, Music Education, Music Technology, and Trombone.

Relevant Publications

  • Fielding, Peter. (forthcoming). “US Military Bands and Songs.” In J. Edmonson (Ed.), Music in American life: An Encyclopedia of the Songs, Styles, Stars, and Stories that Shaped Our Culture. ABC-CLIO Press.
  • Fielding, Peter. (2013). A Concordance of Helen Creighton’s Songs and Ballads of Nova Scotia for Use with Gary S. Karpinski and Richard Kram’s Anthology for Sight Singing. Canadian Folk Music: Vol. 46, No. 4, 15-20.
  • Fielding, Peter. (2013). “Voyages of Discovery.” Mahidol University Music Journal: Vol. 18, No. 5, 48.
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  • Fielding, Peter. (2012). “Brahms’ varied strophic lieder.” Mahidol University Music Journal: Vol. 18, NO. 4, 14-19.
  • Fielding, Peter. (2012). The Eighth Annual Thailand International Composition Festival 2012 In Review.” Mahidol University Music Journal: Vol. 17, No. 4, 48-51.
  • Fielding, Peter. (2012). “Practical Performance Considerations for Eric Ewazen’s Sonata for Trombone and Piano.” Mahidol University Music Journal: Vol. 18, No. 1, 40-43.
  • Fielding, Peter and N. Tayrattanachai (trans.). (2012). Review of Ricci Adams’” Mahidol University Music Journal: Vol. 17, No. 3, 52-54.
  • Fielding, Peter. (2011). “Advocating Our Heritage Through Musicianship Education.” Canadian Music Educator: Vol. 52, No. 3, 24-25.
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