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We commissioned a set of “two-minute videos” to provide an overview of the work that has been going on, and of the growing scope of the undertaking which we find ourselves involved in. Once one sets out on a path, the logic of one step after another has its own imperatives and unintended consequences. So, the path that has been opening up has been surprising for us as well.

Restoration Story

The first video is an interview with Brian O’Brien, who led the stone restoration effort at Holy Cross. He talks about the origins of the initiative and the development of the stone work. Lorraine Lafferty and Michael Nee then expand that early story by talking about the work that has been done on the chapel in the cemetery – Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel – and the art and stained glass which grace its interior.

Research Bridge

Mark McGowan, who is leading the current SSHRC research project, takes the story farther by talking about the research initiative and how it is a bridge to an expanded understanding of the Irish Catholics in Halifax and beyond.

Civil Society

We have two further videos – one by Terry Murphy of Saint Mary’s University, now complete, and one by Dan MacInnes of St. Francis Xavier University, still in editing – who talk from “outside” the cemetery, and provide a sense of civil society as it was formed and built in the mid-nineteenth century by the Irish Catholic community in Halifax. They situate this endeavour, then, in a larger story of migration and development.

We hope that these videos help you get a sense of this growing mission, and the knowledge-building adventure on which we have embarked.

O'Brien 2-Minute Video Lafferty-Nee 2-Minute Video
McGowan 2-Minute Video
Murphy 2-minute video Dan MacInnes Interview
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