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The interpretative goal is to tell the stories of the Holy Cross Community. This community was constituted by, and is representative of, the 19th century Irish community in Halifax which, as it happens, was largely Catholic. The subject matter, therefore, will be about the forms of life and experiences of the Irish diaspora in Nova Scotia, their religious and institutional formations, practical affairs, and cultural adaptations. We have an introductory pamphlet on the sidebar which gives a helpful overview.

Teaching at Paris | Unknown Artist,  late 14th century

Teaching at Paris | Unknown Artist, late 14th century

To go further, we have created a series of profiles which provide an overview of some of the principal historical themes and issues. Click on the sidebar for information about these interpretative themes.

One of the principal areas of work concerns the interpretation of the community life of those who are buried in the cemetery. They did not stand alone, of course, but on the shoulders of those who came before, and formed the practices and institutional structures of those who came after. This lineage, running through time, we call the Holy Cross Community. If you want to know about the interpretative projects we are involved in, click on the sidebar.

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