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About 25,000 people are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery. The names of perhaps one third of them have been recorded on headstones. There are fewer than 2500 headstones in the cemetery, but many of the stones contain the names of more than one deceased person, often several persons. Most of those named on Holy Cross headstones are buried there, but some are not.

The photographs and inscriptions in this database were taken and collected under the auspices of our predecessor organization, Holy Cross Cemetery Trust (HCCT), which has provided the funding needed to make the data available to the public on this website. We express our gratitude to HCCT.

Each successful search of the database produces a link to a photograph of the corresponding headstone and a reproduction of the inscription(s) on it, together with a “Plot ID” showing the location of the stone in the cemetery. A “Plot ID” includes three numbers. The first number indicates the section (1 of 5) of the cemetery in which the burial occurred. The second number indicates the row (numbered from west to east within each section) and the third shows the plot number within the row (running from north to south within the row).

If you see any errors in the database, please notify us of them by email at

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