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Of chief importance to our genealogical efforts is the conservation of archival documents. While the cemetery stones and burial records are the main primary resources used in determining who is in fact buried in the Holy Cross Cemetery, other records are crucial for understanding the stories of the Holy Cross community.

Jean Mielot at his Desk | Unknown Miniaturist, c. 1450-1500

Jean Mielot at his Desk | Unknown Miniaturist, c. 1450-1500

To date, we have photographed property assessment rolls and scanned records from the Charitable Irish Society, as well as the Halifax Catholic newspaper, which circulated in the 19th century. In addition to these items, we have been fortunate enough to scan catalogues from the first quasi-public library established in Halifax, the Mechanic’s Library. These records will be valuable in understanding the intellectual and social history of the Halifax Irish.

Work conducted on the family profiles has also proved fruitful with regard to archival materials. Researchers working on the Kenny, Condon, and Tobin families have uncovered various photographs and memorabilia which add to the depth of knowledge concerning these prominent Irish families. Although currently unorganized, work is underway to compile these files and integrate them with our main database.

Likewise, photographs have been taken of each of the headstones in Holy Cross Cemetery. These photographs have been compiled in their own database, with the expectation of attaching them to other archival material such as the information gained from the family profiles. In future, we hope to establish a searchable network which will enable users to explore both textual and visual information.

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