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The cost of full restoration to this important historical and cultural site has been estimated at $800,000. Fund raising to support this important work, therefore, will involve submissions to all levels of government, including departments and organizations involved in the restoration and upkeep of historically significant sites.

To be fully successful, however, the Trust must also receive support from those who have family members or ancestors buried at Holy Cross Cemetery and those who care about Irish or Catholic history.

Why make a gift pledge in support of the Trust? You need only walk the grounds of Holy Cross to see the extent of the restoration which has been done, and the stewardship that is needed to maintain this significant historical treasure and to develop the necessary research and interpretation to honor the memory of the founding citizens of Halifax. There are a number of different ways to give to the Holy Cross Historical Trust. We encourage you to talk with us about specific projects you might be able to support.

There are a number of different ways to give to the Holy Cross Historical Trust. The Trust has Registered Charitable Status and income tax receipts will be provided as permitted by the Canada Revenue Agency:

  • Unrestricted Gift: This permits the Trust the flexibility to determine where the gift will make the most difference in completing the many projects associated with the complete restoration and preservation of Holy Cross Cemetery;
  • Designated Gift: A donation given for a specific project within the cemetery for which you wish to have your name associated;
  • Planned Giving for the Future: You may wish to discuss the options of either providing a gift which is spaced over a number of years, or a deferred future gift to the Trust which you would leave as a legacy in your name and in the name of family or ancestors buried at Holy Cross;
  • Gifts-In-Kind: Provide a gift of equipment, materials, services or securities; tax receipts will be based on the fair market value of the gift.

Thank you for considering such a gift.

Holy Cross Historical Trust
P.O. Box 8684
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 5M4

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